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Pacific typhoon
Pacific typhoon - This refers to tropical cyclones forming in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. The basin is demarcated within the Pacific Ocean from Asia, north of the equator, and west of the international date line. Storms from the Eastern and Central Pacific crossing the date line are re-designated as typhoons. This basin features the strongest cyclones on record.

Typhoon seasons include the entirety of the calendar year. Most storms tend to form between May and November.

Nearly one-third of the world's tropical cyclones form within the Western Pacific. This makes this basin the most active.

Pacific typhoons have formed year round, with peak months from August to October. The peak months correspond to that of the Atlantic hurricane seasons.

Along with a high storm frequency, this basin also features the most globally intense storms on record.

Typhoon paths follow three general directions.

Straight. A general westward path affects the Philippines, southern China, and Vietnam.
Recurving. Storms recurving affect eastern China, Korea, and Japan.
Northward. From point of origin, the storm follows a northerly direction, only affecting small islands.

The list of names consist of entries from 14 East Asian nations and the United States who have territories directly affected by typhoons. The submitted names are arranged into five lists; and each list is cycled with each year. Unlike the hurricanes, typhoons are not named after people. Instead, they generally refer to animals, flowers, astrological signs, and a few personal names. However, PAGASA retains its own naming list, which does consist of human names. Therefore, a typhoon can possibly have two names. Storms that cross the date line from the Central Pacific retain their original name, but the designation of hurricane becomes typhoon.

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Video - The following are about typhoons. The first video is showing strong typhoon winds. The second video is a news report about a typhoon.





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