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Japanese Kanji Grade 4
# 570
Meaning bake
Onyomi ショウ,  やく
Kunyomi やける,  やき
Example たこ焼き,  たこやき,  takoyaki
Writing practice
Stroke Order Rules
1. Write from left to right, and from top to bottom
2. Horizontal before vertical
3. Cutting strokes last
4. Diagonals right-to-left before diagonals left-to-right
5. Center verticals before outside "wings"
6. Outside before inside
7. Left vertical before enclosing
8. Bottom enclosing strokes last
9. Dots and minor strokes last
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Japanese food
たこき,  たこやき,  takoyaki
Takoyaki (たこ焼き or 蛸焼, Takoyaki) (literally fried or baked octopus) - A popular Japanese dumpling made of batter, diced octopus, tempura scraps (tenkasu), pickled ginger, konnyaku, and green onion, topped with okonomiyaki sauce, green laver (aonori), mayonnaise, and katsuobushi (fish shavings), originating from Osaka. Making takoyaki requires a takoyaki pan, a special frying pan made of cast iron with hemispherical molds. There is a similarly named dish called ikayaki but it is a broiled whole squid and bears no resemblance. "Yaki" is derived from "yaku" (焼く, "yaku") which simply means "to bake or grill" in the Japanese language, and can be found in the names of other Japanese cuisine items such as teriyaki or sukiyaki.

Although takoyaki can easily be made at home if the equipment is available, it is usually considered to be fast food and mostly sold on the streets. Frozen takoyaki are also sold, and there are restaurants in which customers can cook their own takoyaki at their tables. Takoyaki is especially popular in the Kansai region, but has risen in popularity in other parts of Japan. In the Kansai region, takoyaki is eaten as a side dish with a bowl of cooked rice. Elsewhere in Japan, it is eaten without rice as a snack food.

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Video - The following videos show takoyaki being made. The first video shows street vendors. The second video is actually in Polish but the woman does an excellent job.





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